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Today, we would like to announce that our Creative server is going through yet another reset. Before you start panicking, please note that you can save your Creative builds using WorldDownloader Mod for Minecraft 1.8.

Also, there will be a full-world-download available for the legacy Survival, SkyBlock and SkyGrid and Creative servers for your single player pleasure, coming soon!

The existing creative server has problems, like not being able to add more than 1 person to your plot, and other issues. The new creative server will fix that, and add many more features too!

Here are some awesome new Creative features:
  • 100x100 block plots
  • Adding unlimited players to your plot
  • Permanent WorldEdit for Sponsor+ donors
  • Complete biome control
  • Ability to merge plots
  • Save and...
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Reset Crates

Due to a handful of players who feel slightly uncomfortable about the reset, losing all their progress and starting over, we've decided to implement a Reset Crate, which will be available for a week from reset date, and will allow you to get certain items. The /kit reset will contain a reset key, which you can use to unlock the crate. The crate contains anything from diamonds, diamond blocks, spawners, enchantment tables.

/kit reset will be available every 10 minutes

These crates will be available in both Survival and Skyblock.

Edit: The paper icon is for different denominations of money.
Edit 2: You receive a key from /kit reset which you can use to open a crate, and have a small percentage chance of getting one item from, every 10 minutes!

Here is a sneak peek of whats inside the Reset Crate!

Leave comments in the forum below if you have any...
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Survival and Skyblock reset this Friday at 4PM US Central Time
Its been some time since we've had our Survival and SkyBlock worlds, and think its time for a server reset!
The old map's are destroyed, griefed, have corrupted chunks, and many other problems.

We're resetting SkyBlock and Survival servers very soon, (details TBA). More details on what will be reset is also coming soon.

Some new features:
  • Brand new custom generated worlds
  • New donor rank titles!
  • Jobs
  • New crafting recipes for items, foods, and more.
  • New classic-skyblock design
  • Skyblock challenges
  • [Like] Signs
  • Sitting on chairs
  • Invite certain people to warps!
  • Toggle-able PVP
  • A head shop with over 700 heads for interior decoration
  • Crates
  • Towny Towns for everyone (More details on that soon)
  • Many...
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Congratulations Seviper251 for winning top voter this month!

Seviper251 will be receiving $100 in-store credit!
Here are the honorable mentions! Thank you to everyone who voted last month!


Votes have been reset!
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Hey Blockville. I am happy to announce that we'll be resetting the Factions server on the 12th of April 2015 at 3pm US Central Standard time. Click here for exact time information! or Click here for a countdown timer!

What will not be reset:
  • Donor Vaults
  • mcMMO credits and levels
Everything else is planned to be reset.

We've added a bunch of new and exciting game features as part of the reset, including a brand new custom-generated map, crates and powerful weapons/gear....