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by Furq at 8:05 AM
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Hey Blockville. I am happy to announce that we'll be resetting the Factions server on the 12th of April 2015 at 3pm US Central Standard time. Click here for exact time information! or Click here for a countdown timer!

What will not be reset:
  • Donor Vaults
  • mcMMO credits and levels
Everything else is planned to be reset.

We've added a bunch of new and exciting game features as part of the reset, including a brand new custom-generated map, crates and powerful weapons/gear....
by Furq at 5:04 PM
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KitPVP, V2!

Presenting the brand new KitPVP server! Its been under 24 hours since launch and all stats have been reset! We've also worked hard on a brand new map, new kits, new features and more! As always, if you've noticed any bugs of glitches, make sure to report them using /modreq. You can access the new server by typing /pvp or connecting to pvp.blockville.net

by Furq at 3:00 AM
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If you've logged in recently to find out you've been OP'ed on your favorite Blockville server, your eyes don't deceive you!

We've decided that giving you, the player, control over the server is the best way to solve problems so we don't have to! The Blockville community is growing fast, and there are times when the staff simply cannot take care of everyone, so we welcome you to use your OP powers to fix any and all problems that you have on the server!

Once again, thanks for playing on Blockville and I hope you have a wonderful April 1st!

- Staff

This was an April fools prank. April 1st is now over!
by Furq at 5:32 PM
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Introducing SkyWarriors!

I'm happy to announce the launch of our brand new SkyWarriors server!
You can visit the server by typing /skywars, by clicking it in the server navigator in the lobby, or by using the SkyWars portal.

All SkyWarrior donor perks for existing donors and new donors can be found by typing /donate on the server.
As a note, Kits cost 10 points to use and can only be picked when you're inside a game.

We hope you enjoy playing!

- Staff
by Furq at 3:22 PM
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We've just updated the lobby! Don't forget to say hello to our pet dragon :joyful: